A Different Kind of Writing

As the title suggests, I recently started learning a new kind of writing: calligraphy! I made it a goal for myself this year that I would learn it, and I started a really great online course earlier this month. How I stumbled upon the course is a funny story – I was looking at Instagram one day and someone asked what was something you spent money on that you regret. The answers varied from an Apple Watch to a wedding (yikes!) The comment that caught my attention was one about a calligraphy course. It got people talking about a course they had tried and really enjoyed called Show Me Your Drills. It’s a free course taught by Becca Courtice, aka The Happily Ever Crafter. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had followed Becca on TikTok a few months ago after watching her decorate an envelope. I’ll admit that I fell down a rabbit hole and watched probably all her videos on TikTok and then followed her on Instagram.

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