My Tips for Writing a Research Paper

With many college students bracing themselves for the end of the semester, I wanted to share some of my tips for writing a research paper! Keep in mind that while these tips helped me, they may not be as beneficial to everyone.

When you first start planning your paper, start broad with your topic. Chances are the research you’ll be doing will help give you ideas on different avenues you can take that will lead to more specific, concrete ideas.

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A Different Kind of Writing

As the title suggests, I recently started learning a new kind of writing: calligraphy! I made it a goal for myself this year that I would learn it, and I started a really great online course earlier this month. How I stumbled upon the course is a funny story – I was looking at Instagram one day and someone asked what was something you spent money on that you regret. The answers varied from an Apple Watch to a wedding (yikes!) The comment that caught my attention was one about a calligraphy course. It got people talking about a course they had tried and really enjoyed called Show Me Your Drills. It’s a free course taught by Becca Courtice, aka The Happily Ever Crafter. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had followed Becca on TikTok a few months ago after watching her decorate an envelope. I’ll admit that I fell down a rabbit hole and watched probably all her videos on TikTok and then followed her on Instagram.

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My Enneagram Type

Here’s my response to one of the journal prompts from my last post!

What is your Enneagram type? Does it accurately describe you?

Before I begin my response, here is a brief explanation of what an Enneagram is:

An Enneagram is a categorization system that describes human personality as a number of interconnected personality types. In simpler terms, the Enneagram number represents nine different personality types. According to, “each of the nine personality types is characterized by a set of dominant behaviors, motivations, and fears.” Understanding your Enneagram type can help you realize your strengths and also weaknesses. It can also help you create successful personal and professional relationships.

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12 Writing Prompts to Help You Start Journaling

1. Read the last postcard, letter, or personal email you received, and start a story with the first sentence.

2. What color do you feel like today and why?

3. What was your best year ever so far in your life? Give a timeline of events and describe everything that made it great.

4. If you could “live” in any book you’ve ever read, what book would that be? Which character would you choose to be?

5. How do you relieve stress?

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Journaling 101

I bought my first journal a few years ago. Oddly enough I didn’t buy it with the intention of using it to jot down my feelings or write short stories. Rather, I bought it with the goal of tracking my spending. I was horrible at keeping up with it. There are so many budgeting apps available, so I often asked myself why was I making the task harder than it needed to be.

I got my second journal when I graduated college. It was a gift from my aunt and uncle that I started using to keep track of restaurants I wanted to try, books I wanted to read, ideas for this blog, and my goals/resolutions. It also was a space for me to jot down whatever feelings I was experiencing or things that were on my mind at the time. It was a mish-mash of things and wasn’t very organized, which started to bother me. I knew that if I wanted to create content on my blog more often I would have to get more specific with what I wrote about, and having my blog ideas mixed in with restaurants I wanted to try wasn’t going to be a recipe for success.

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New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year everyone!

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about the direction I want my blog to head. I knew I wanted to narrow it down to a specific topic, I just didn’t know what. One thing I did know was the topic had to be something I was passionate about, otherwise I wouldn’t be motivated to think of content.

Reading and writing have always been my two biggest passions for as long as I can remember. Journals I had to write in elementary school were always filled with long, detailed commentary of the book we were reading or what I did over the weekend, reading time was something I always looked forward to, I didn’t dread essays or small papers in middle or high school, and I took creative writing classes in both high school and college. My goal in life has always been to make a career out of writing.

The biggest goal for my blog is to create content more often, whether it’s an infographic, a long or short post, a photo of any recent book purchases with a short description, or tips for starting a research paper or writing a work email.

I know a blog about reading and writing isn’t for everyone, but I hope those who aren’t huge fans of reading or writing (or both) find value in some of my posts. Some things I plan on writing about include:

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