My Acne Journey

6 months ago ➡️ today.

About a year ago, I started a battle with my skin that I thought I could fix on my own. Acne and other issues were starting to wreak havoc on my face but I automatically attributed it to stress from school. At the time, it made the most sense to me. When I say I tried practically EVERYTHING for my skin I’m not exaggerating. Proactiv, toners, face washes, serums, masks – you name it I probably tried it. I would read review after review that said how much the product helped and I was so excited only to be disappointed a few weeks later. I went from having occasional breakouts to having extremely oily skin, deep, cystic acne all over my chin that left scars, and skin that was always red and hurt. I was so frustrated. It got to the point where I would cry. I had no confidence and felt like everyone was always looking at my skin.

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