12 Writing Prompts to Help You Start Journaling

1. Read the last postcard, letter, or personal email you received, and start a story with the first sentence.

2. What color do you feel like today and why?

3. What was your best year ever so far in your life? Give a timeline of events and describe everything that made it great.

4. If you could “live” in any book you’ve ever read, what book would that be? Which character would you choose to be?

5. How do you relieve stress?

6. What is your Enneagram type? Does it accurately describe you?

7. Do you believe in Astrology? Do you act like your zodiac sign?

8. If you had your own talk show, whom would you want to interview? Why?

9. What would be your ideal way to unwind and relax after a long day?

10. How genuine are you on social media?

11. What do you want more from your job – wealth or happiness?

12. What is your love language? What is your partner’s? How do you fulfill each other’s?

I’ll be sharing my response to one of these prompts soon, so stay tuned!

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