Spotify Podcasts and Playlists You Need to Listen To

The amount of playlists and podcasts on Spotify is never ending – and chances are there is a playlist or podcast out there for everyone. Below are a few of my favorite playlists and podcasts for when you want to dance in your room, sing in your car, or learn a few things.

Mike and Sarah are journalists who discuss a person or event that’s been miscast in the public imagination. Their Princess Diana episodes are what peaked my interest!
A comedy podcast about sex, dating, and relationships. Ashley and Rayna almost always discuss relatable topics!
A great playlist created by an Instagram influencer I follow. It’s perfect for a dance party in your room!
The perfect playlist for those who are still working from home (or are still in that mindset!)
A good collection of throwback songs (hey Bruno Mars, Adele, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, and Taio Cruz!)
Another good collection of classic songs (No, we didn’t forget about you Lady Gaga, Jay Sean, P!nk, and Kelly Clarkson)
Every girl needs a great playlist for either a night in or a night out!
A little confidence boost never hurt anyone!

Unfortunately most of these playlists (aside from the two podcasts) are only available on Spotify. If you are an Apple Music fan, let me know some of your favorite playlists!

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